The Pope admits errors in evangelization by imposing only a cultural model

Pope Francis admitted that "errors in the history of evangelization wanting to impose a single cultural model" that even led to "wars", during his catechesis of the general audience held today in the Paul VI hall of the Vatican.

"In the call to freedom we discover the true meaning of the inculturation of the Gospel: to be able to announce the good news of Christ the Savior respecting what is good and true in cultures"Francisco said during the hearing.

But he recognized that "there are many temptations to want to impose one’s own model of life as if it were the most evolved and the most attractive" and admitted: "How many mistakes have been made in the history of evangelization trying to impose a single cultural model!".

"Sometimes, even violence has not been renounced for one’s own point of view to prevail, even wars. In this way, the Church has been deprived of the wealth of many local expressions that carry with them the cultural tradition of entire populations.", Francisco acknowledged, assuring that this is "the opposite of christian freedom".

On the other hand, he stressed that at this time for Christians "It is time to adapt the way of communicating the message to contemporary languages" if you want to announce the Gospel.

“If we tried to speak of faith as it was done in past centuries, we would run the risk of not being understood by the new generations. The freedom of the Christian faith does not indicate a static vision of life and culture, but is dynamic, a dynamic vision of tradition", he pointed.

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Francisco also spoke of the criticism of the men of the Church and assured, in a reference to those who criticize him, that "history repeats itself today" always by "fundamentalists" “As you can see, criticism in relation to all evangelical news is not only of our days, but has a long history behind it, he said.


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