The podcast is emerging as the format with the most reliable and attractive advertising content for the listener

The podcast is currently one of the fastest growing areas in the digital sector. Four out of ten Spanish digital users listen to podcasts on a recurring basis, and 42% of Spotify users internationally are a regular at this format. Protagonists of unstoppable growth, podcasts spread among the young adult population, especially Millennials and Gen Z in Spain. From the communication and advertising point of view, the podcast benefits from being an immersive and intimate tool that deeply involves the user and allows brands to create a strong relationship with their target audience through the storytelling.

Even more interesting for the marketing sector is the data on the relationship that listeners have with advertising in this format: 76% feel that the ads read by the podcast host are more attractive than the “traditional” ones, and 60 % like it when the podcast host recommends a product they use.

Taking advantage of this trend, in 2023 he arrives in Spain and opens a studio in Madrid Hypercast, a branded podcast company for brands, with the mission of creating content that is relevant to the listener and that allows brands to communicate in a unique way. After reaching the goals set for 2022 in Italy in the first nine months of the year, the founding team decides to go further and open up to the European market starting with Spain.

Hypercast has all the tools and features for businesses to embrace the digital audio reality. To the consolidated productive capacity and the increasingly appreciated creativity of the team, joins its innovative platform Hyperboost+ that allows companies get guaranteed listens through performance campaigns, with audio seeding activities in the most important publishers and through the use of influencers.

In Spain, he assumes the position of Commercial Director of Hypercast, Chesco Canowho in the last 17 years has been linked to the PRISA group, holding positions of responsibility at Prisa Brand Solutions, in the commercial team of Radio Cadena (Cadena SER, 40 Principales, Cadena Dial, Podium Podcast) and for the last 4 years holding the position Commercial Director of Diario As, and Meristation. Guillermo Diaz assumes the position of VP Sales, with professional experience in Initiative, of the Mediabrands group for 3 years, in all the Hearst group headlines in the digital part and as Brand Solutions Manager at Freeda Media.

The Creative Direction of Hypercast in Spain It is in charge of Raffaele Costantinoartist, musician (Khalab), well-known voice on Italian radio, podcaster, consultant and journalist, bringing to Hypercast a highly experienced creative and technical team.

The value of a structure is given above all by the people: the experiences and sensitivities that the personal journeys of each team member bring to the project. The sum of these experiences takes shape in this space that from today will be the new home of the podcast. Content, space, technology and exploration (understood as curiosity and research) of new worlds, are the elements that allow us to tell stories as only Hypercast can.” Constantine comments.

Behind the project and origin of Hypercast in Italy are a group of investors and professionals from the European digital world guided by Andrea Febbraio, co-founder of Teads (formerly Ebuzzing) group specialized in video advertising technology at a global level.

Andrea Febbraio comments: “Having been working in media and distribution on the business side, I’m sure now is the time for content. After explosive growth in Italy it is time to launch Hypercast in Spain and then in LATAM. I am excited about this opportunity and believe that our creative capabilities and distribution technologies with guaranteed listeners will have incredible acceptance by all clients in Spain.

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