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The player who includes FC Barcelona in Fresneda’s final offensive

The definitive operation that could bring the right closer to the culé team has news, and this week the agreement would be closed in favor of both entities, given that there is a player who will wear blanquivioleta.

For several weeks the FC Barcelona tried to close the talent signing Right sideIván Fresneda, but they didn’t succeed. The reasons pass through an economic dispute that does not convince Real Valladolid, given that we are talking about the most expensive player in the squad. Ronaldo has had to rule out several offers, as the figures don’t reveal it.

In view of the fact that the market continues to pass and the operation has not yet taken place, Barcelona would have put together an offer that will include not only money, but also human resources. In a nutshell, the Barça team will give away one of its most promising players, to immediately close the signing of Iván Fresneda. Who is?

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FC Barcelona plans to give the pass to Estanis Pedrola and another 10 million to close the signing of Fresneda.

One of Barcelona B’s goalscorers will serve as a bargaining chip to sign Fresneda

Rafa Márquez has given this player good references, having had the pleasure of having him in his team. His name is Estanis Pedrola, he’s 19 years old, he plays as a right winger, but in the offensive field he looks more like a center forward. His 8 goals in 23 games confirm that the Catalan is an important part of Barca Atlétic.

Mateu Alemany’s idea, with the authorization of Joan Laporta, is to sell the young striker so that Valladolid can sign him, in exchange for Fresneda’s transfer. Although they are different positions, in Pucela’s club they serve to reinforce the offensive plot, after the escapes of Gonzalo Plata and striker Show Weissman. However, the deal has more factors that benefit Ronaldo’s team.

In addition to the transfer of Pedrola, Barcelona put 10 million euros to sign Fresneda

The 19-year-old full-back is valued at €500,000, but it’s clear his projection will put him at least between €3m and €5m. With the 10 extra kilos that the Blaugrana team gains, they give a value of 15 million, which is the price at which the right-back is valued. A more than just financial manoeuvre, or so they think in the Barça offices.

Iván Fresneda is quite interested in signing for FC Barcelona, ​​since he will not only go to form the squad of one of the best teams in the world, but will return to the army in the first division. Recall that the blanquivioleta team finished in 18th place, just one point behind UD Almería. The outside agent is already aware of the situation.

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