The planned expenditure for Christmas purchases increases by 20% and stands at € 531

The expected expenditure by the Spanish for Christmas purchases is € 531, 20% more than the spending intentions expressed the previous year, and above pre-covid levels (+ 11%). This is how the Seasonal edition of The Cetelem Observatory, released today, which analyzes consumer behavior regarding the intention of spending on these dates, compared to previous years.

In segmented data, 31% of those surveyed affirm that they plan to spend between € 400 and € 1,000 (compared to the 26% who stated it the previous year). On the opposite side, 38% declare the intention to spend under € 200 (43% in 2020). It is significant that 8% of Spaniards say that their forecast is to spend more than € 1,000 this Christmas.

Little by little the worst days of the pandemic when it comes to shopping are over. 23% of Spaniards affirm that they intend to spend more than in 2020, whiche represents an increase of 15 percentage points compared to 2020. Furthermore, this percentage is above pre-covid levels (20%). 56% declare the intention to spend the same, compared to 33% that was pronounced the previous year, and also surpassing the data registered in 2019 (prior to the pandemic). Only 21% will spend less than last year on these dates (38 percentage points less than in 2020; and 7 points less than in 2019).

Christmas is, in essence, a time for family reunion. According to the Cetelem Observatory, a trademark of BNP Paribas Personal Finance, most of the respondents declare that they intend to spend the same as last year on the purchase for family reunions. Among the 27% who declare that their spending this Christmas will be lower than the previous year, seven out of ten (73%) affirm that it is due to the impact that the pandemic has had on their economy, a percentage that is reduced by 21 points compared to statements made in 2020.

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As for the products that are most thought to be bought this Christmas, fashion stands out, followed by toys, perfumes, footwear and accessories, and books. This year all the purchase percentages show increases, the most notable being those referring to footwear and accessories (+21 points), leisure (+20 points), fashion (+17 points), and health and beauty treatments (+15 points).

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