The planes collided, the passengers jumped

During a skydiving stunt, the planes collided with each other, causing the planes to catch fire.

The two planes collided during a skydiving stunt, the video of which is going viral on social media. The video was shared three days ago and has been viewed by 4 million people so far.

The video shows the moment of the accident when two planes collided during the stunt, after which the people on board and the pilots jumped.

According to the report, the two planes were flying very close so that the skydivers could jump for the stunt. Meanwhile, when the skydivers were about to jump from the front plane, the pilot heard a loud explosion.

As a result of the accident, the front screen of the plane was broken and the plane caught fire.

However, the pilot and skydivers on board managed to save their lives with the help of parachutes and the plane landed on the ground.

However, the second plane managed to land on the runway, the video of the incident is once again going viral on social media.

The crash happened in Superior Lake Wisconsin in November 2013. All nine passengers and both pilots were safe.


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