The plane crashed on the track, the train also came from the front (avoid seeing weak hearted people).

WASHINGTON: U.S. police miraculously rescued a pilot who was seriously injured in a dangerous plane crash, an incredible video went viral.

According to the report of a foreign news agency, a small plane landed on the railway track in the US state of California due to which the pilot was seriously injured but the matter does not end here.

Yes, the train arrived immediately after the catastrophic crash because the plane had crashed on the tracks.

In a viral video on social media, it can be seen that the Los Angeles police rescued the pilot from the wrecked plane, shortly after which the train also crushed the affected plane.

It was seen in the video that the police officer had already sensed that the train was coming from the front which is why he was telling his colleagues to get them out immediately and run away!

American citizens are appreciative of the exemplary service of police officers.


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