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The plan to keep motorcycles at bay in cycling

The plan to keep motorcycles at bay in cycling

The former cyclist and president of the CPA (National Association of Professional Cyclists), Adam HansenYou are looking for solutions to find the greatest possible safety for cyclists. One of the main dangers for the runners in the tests are the vehicles, and specifically, the motorcycles. Over the years there have been different incidents and accidents due to poor organization and misuse of these. Through your account Twitter, Hansen spoke out demanding additional safety measures for cyclists at races.

The solution could be implementation of technology on motorcycles and through the laser control distance between the motor vehicle and the bicycle. In the tweet, Adam commented: “Bought a distance sensor yesterday. I will start to develop a sensor that can be incorporated into motorcycles in the races to control the distance they have with the cyclists”. In addition, the Australian added: “Motorcycles have a lot of influence in racingmany teams and riders have already complained about this”.

Recently, in the Stage 14 of the last Tour de France 2023, there was already a setback that involved the motorcycles. 500 meters from the top of the Joux Plane, Tadej Pogacar was preparing to launch an attack his greatest rival Jonas Vingegaard to snatch the bonus at the top; however, two motorcycles crossed his path forcing the Slovenian to lift his foot.

And this it was not the only problem with the motorcycles in the past Tour. In the Stage 17, this time the loser was the Dane. A motorbike stalled on the Col de la Loze forcing Vingegaard to come to a complete stop to avoid colliding with the vehicle.

The issue of motorcycles in cycling has to be tackle as soon as possible and take action on it. Perhaps the implementation of the laser can be a hopeful start to continue advancing with the objective that the vehicles do not disturb the course of the tests.

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