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The plan goes through Guido

The plan goes through Guido

He Betis works progressively in his 2023-24 planning and guido rodriguez It’s one of the Names that focuses many of the spotlights. He argentinian ends contract in summer of 2024 and in the club Verdiblanco has a clear intention: close your renewal and that it be one of the pillars of the project that is already being drawn up for the next campaign. The figure of the world champion was linked to the interest of various clubs in the last windows of marketbut player it’s found comfortable in Seville and for Manuel pellegrini it is a trick providential in its scheme. The club knows this, which at the moment does not consider the Argentine as a letter that could mean the income of a good amount of money to the verdiblancas coffers. There is trust in its growing paper in Heliópolis and this has been transferred to the footballer himself.

guy add up almost 3,000 minutes of game in this season. No one has more playing time than him in the Betic squad. pellegrini it uses as midfielder and his role grew over the seasons until he felt like a leader in the midfield. He leads steals, you watch the backs of the full-backs and he also has the freedom to reach the area and test his shot. It’s a total footballer for this Betis and has no replacement. At the entity they know that it would not be easy to replace a player like Guido next summer and they drive the reality of which a transfer of high flights no threatens to arrive. For this reason, everything is aligned around the desire that he continue in the team.

The arrival of Ramon Planes Plans don’t vary too much. He new sports director arrives to give a certain thread of continuity at decisions I already know they were drinking in the verdiblanco club. There is no desire for a revolution, no matter how much the squad undergoes almost forced changes next summer. With guy there is a good relationship and it is hoped that your possible continuity is closed before the end of the campaign and the context of its future take another path. In the Premier monitor their evolution since last season and his growth in the League was evident. The ball is in the hands of the Argentine, who wants to successfully close this campaign by getting a European ticket and then analyze what to do with his future.

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