The Pique between Supa and Vetheo: Revealed, the Shocking Remarks and Uncalled-for Snub in a Dramatic Behind-the-Scenes Look

MAD Lions KOI Stuns the LEC with Historic Playoff Qualification

MAD Lions KOI, a Spanish team, has made history in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) by qualifying for the playoff phase after a thrilling weekend. Their journey to the top was marked by unexpected wins and a memorable gesture from Supa, a player on the team.

A Day of Upsets

MAD Lions KOI entered the weekend with only one win in eight games, but they turned their fortunes around by winning three matches in a row. This impressive performance earned them a spot in the playoff phase, making them the first team from Spain to achieve this feat.

Supa’s ‘Message’ to Vetheo

The team’s victory was overshadowed by a controversy sparked by Supa’s refusal to shake hands with Vetheo, a player from Vitality, after their match. Supa later explained that he was still upset about an incident that occurred during a previous match, where Vetheo allegedly "ran down" him and mocked his skills.

The ‘Pique’ Explained

Supa revealed that Vetheo had caught him in a "Only Q" situation, where he was playing poorly and Vetheo was supporting him. However, Vetheo then intentionally lost three games in a row, and later criticized Supa’s skills, calling him "bad" and "really bad". Supa took this as a personal attack and vowed to never forget the incident.

A Moment to Remember

Supa’s gesture towards Vetheo may have caused a stir on social media, but it also highlights the intense rivalries and emotions that exist in the world of professional gaming. MAD Lions KOI’s historic qualification for the playoff phase is a testament to their determination and teamwork, and they will be looking to make the most of their opportunity in the coming weeks.

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