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The pilot who found work with James Bond through Facebook

I stopped competing a few years before the W Series simply because I had run out of budget to continue my motorsports journey. Then a friend tagged me in a Facebook post saying they were looking for a driver with good control. At the time I wasn’t saying what it was for, but I just thought ‘I’ll send you my CV and see what happens’. Turns out it was for a show called ‘Fast and Furious Live.’

Thus begins the story of a story full of coincidences that has led to its protagonist, Jessica hawkins (26) a participate in the latest James Bond film, ‘No Time to Die’, and to relaunch your sports career, as she is currently a driver for Racing X of the W Series, the women’s motorsport championship that started in 2019.

“In the show we recreated all the stunts from the F&F saga and there I met Lee Morrison, the stunt coordinator for ‘No Time to Die’. He was delighted with my driving skills and instantly invited me to join the film crew. ” explains the British to the Mirror.

“The film has been my first job in the cinema. There was a lot of pressure, but I was confident in my ability and had an incredible team around me. I am very proud of what I have done“adds the pilot, whose skills were put to the test, although at the moment only what has been seen in an advertisement for the new Land Rover Defender has transpired.

“I was involved in several scenes in the movie, but I can only talk about one of them: the Defender scene. You can see in a Land Rover ad, I was the middle car in a three-car jump. A crazy scene, my favorite: it was the most incredible experience. Everyone expects great stunts because it’s a Bond movie and I don’t think anyone is going to be disappointed, ”he says.

In that way the pilot went from looking for work to combining the filming of the latest tape of the most famous secret agent in the world with a new opportunity in the world of motorsports. With two races to go to the conclusion of the current championship, which will be held at the Circuit of the Americas (Austin, Texas), he dreams of a podium.

For me, a podium is certainly achievable. There have to be many things that go well, but a podium is possible. I always anticipated a difficult start to the year. It’s only been two years since I’ve been running and I’m competing against people who have been running regularly. We are now taking great strides forward and I am confident in the last two races. “

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