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The pilot had not finished his training, the plane turned around

Incredible but true, a plane had to turn around, not for a mechanical problem, but because of an error by one of the two pilots. This story is told to us by . Monday, May 2, a Virgin Atlantic plane departing from London must reach New York. Problem, after an hour of flight, the aircraft must turn around. The reason ? One of the two pilots has not completed one of his trainings. So back to Heathrow, the plane barely flying over Ireland.

Because the company is strict: to be able to fly, pilots must have completed a “final evaluation flight”. The captain had no choice but to turn back, say our colleagues and find another more experienced pilot. An embarrassing situation for everyone, “the passengers were furious”, tells a source to our English colleagues. For its part, the company also reacted indicating that the two pilots were indeed “qualified” and had their license, and that safety on board was not called into question.

2h40 late on arrival

The standards on board Virgin Atlantic are indeed stricter than the standards of the sector and the pilots must have additional mentions to be able to fly. The company apologized for “all the inconvenience caused to customers and the 2h40 delay in arrival due to the change of crew”. On the side of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the incident was recorded: “Virgin Atlantic informed us. The two pilots had their licenses and the necessary qualifications.”

According to the source contacted by , the passengers were really angry on board and let it be known while waiting for the change of pilot. This is not the first time that a plane has had to turn around mid-flight. Last January, a United Airlines aircraft returned to New York as passengers attempted to enter business class. Shortly after, another American Airlines flight to London returned to Miami because a passenger did not want to wear their mask on board.


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