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The Philippines denounced China’s “dangerous maneuvers” that ended with the use of water cannons

The Philippines denounced China's

Maximum tension in the disputed South China Sea. The Philippine Coast Guard has accused its Chinese counterpart of firing water cannons at and blocking their vessels.

In the Philippines, it is said that when the Coast Guard escorted boats transporting supplies for Filipino soldiers in the Spratly Islands, which was also disputed by several Asian countries, a the controversial and “dangerous” Chinese manoeuvre.

The Philippine Coast Guard, in a statement collected by the EFE agency, has denounced that it was intercepted by a Chinese Coast Guard vessel while carrying out distribution tasks performed “dangerous manoeuvres” and “illegally used water cannons” against his ship.

“We urge the Chinese Coast Guard to contain their operations, respect the sovereign rights of the Philippines and its exclusive economic zone, stop manipulation of the freedom of navigation and take appropriate measures against those involved in this incident,” the one said Official. Coast Guard Statement signed by the Spokesperson for the South China Sea, Jay Tarriela.

in the same line, The US condemned Beijing’s “dangerous actions” and blamed China’s “naval militia”. of the incident. The United States Department of State issued a statement, accessed by Europa Press, expressing its support for its “Philippine allies following dangerous actions by the Chinese Coast Guard and naval militia to obstruct a Filipino resupply mission to the Second Thomas Shoal.” in the South China Sea”.

It is worth remembering that in addition to China and the Philippines, too Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei and Taiwan Claim to the Spratly, so maneuvers in this area must be measured to the millimeter.

Hours later, Beijing said it had put in place “necessary controls” against Filipino ships that “illegally” entered its waters after Manila accused Beijing’s coast guard of firing water cannons at its ships in the disputed South China Sea.

“Two repair vessels and two Philippine Coast Guard vessels have illegally entered the waters off China’s Nansha Islands,” he said. gan yu, Chinese Coast Guard spokesman in statements collected by AFP. Gan Yu also added that Beijing “conducted the necessary inspections in accordance with the law and detained Filipino vessels carrying illegal construction materials.”

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