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The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office requests 35 years in prison against Kuczynski for the Odebrecht case

File photograph, taken in March 2018, in which the then president of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, was registered in Santiago de Chile.  BLAZETRENDS/Mario Ruiz

Lima, (BLAZETRENDS) odebrecht.

The First Office of the Lava Jato Special Team, headed by prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, presented the accusation against the former Peruvian president for corruption, according to Andina, the state news agency.

According to investigations by the Prosecutor’s Office, the group organized by Kuczynski received more than 12 million dollars (almost 11 million euros today) from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht and others in consultancies and undercover advice for the Olmos, IIRSA and Rutas de Lima works, among other operations related to the Lava Jato corruption case.

In the accusation of the Public Ministry, according to Andina, 4 natural persons and 4 legal persons were also included.

Against whom sentences ranging from 11 to 35 years of imprisonment have been requested.

On the RPP radio station, Julio Midolo, the lawyer for Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, popularly known as PPK, said that the former president has not committed money laundering and added that his defendant is “quite calm” and is confident that his innocence will be proven. .

“This accusation has not yet been formally notified to the defense, today we were notified of a tax ruling on the end of the investigation,” Midolo said.

The former president is free and with the possibility of leaving the country.

According to a recent judicial resolution that lifted the impediment issued against him to leave Peru.

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