The Peruvian international that Cádiz CF wants to become its new striker

The Cádiz club continues to track the transfer market in search of players who can improve Sergio González’s squad to achieve salvation

The arrival of a new center forward is one of the main priorities of Cádiz CF for the January market. So is the arrival of a right-back, but everything is getting complicated. Many names have sounded in recent weeks, but all these options seem to be fading away. That is why, as it already happened last summer, it seems that they will have to settle for their third or fourth options.

The case of the right-back is the clearest, since they began to be interested in experienced players like Capa and at the moment the most real option seems to be the return of Raúl Parra from his loan. Something similar happened last summer with the position of nine, except that none finally arrived. That is why Cádiz CF is now determined to sign a striker.

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Sergio Peña played the Champions League preview

The new striker who joins the long list of Cádiz CF

Since the competition was paralyzed, many have been the attackers related to the Cadiz team. Now, the footballer in question we are talking about is one that was already under the yellow radar a year ago. This is Sergio Peña, a 27-year-old Peruvian international soccer player who currently plays for Swedish Malmö.

The footballer, who is the nephew of the legendary Paolo Guerrero, says in his favor that he knows Spanish football well. And it is that from youthful age he has belonged to the discipline of Granada CF. He never managed to establish himself in the team, as he went through different assignments in Italian and Portuguese football before leaving for the Netherlands. Now, he is the starting forward for one of the best teams in the Swedish league.

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Sergio Peña, the last nine on the Cádiz CF list

The Peruvian soccer player counts in his favor that he has Spanish nationality. This is a plus for the teams interested in his signing, since he would not occupy a non-EU position. Likewise, he ends his contract in 2024 and his market value is 2 million euros. In this way, the signing of him would not mean a large financial outlay.

At the moment there are no negotiations between the clubs, but he is one of the footballers that the Cadiz team is interested in. Now all that remains is to wait and see how the forward’s future is resolved, well Cádiz CF is also pending other movements. Movements that seem to generate more excitement among fans, who prefer to bet on a well-known nine than on another with a much smaller poster. In ElGolDigital will continue to be very attentive to the news of the yellow team marketwhich has already started to move chips.

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