The personalities accused of ignoring restrictions against covid-19

Like tennis player Novak Djokovic or British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, various personalities have been accused of ignoring health restrictions during the pandemic.

Ireland: gala dinner -In Ireland, a gala dinner that violated all health restrictions linked to the pandemic caused a storm for the local political class.

The dinner, on 19 August 2020, was organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Irish Parliament golf club. More than 80 people were invited when a day before, the authorities had prohibited the gatherings of more than six people inside.

After Agriculture Minister Dara Calleary and Senate Vice President Jerry Buttimer, EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan resigned on August 26.

RU: controversy over adviser Cummings – The displacements in full confinement of the former adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, cause a scandal in the United Kingdom. On May 26, 2020, the Secretary of State for Scotland, Douglas Ross, announces his resignation, for not agreeing with the justifications offered.

Cummings claimed – unconvincingly – that he had moved to his parents’ house because he was afraid of catching the coronavirus and was looking for someone who could take care of his son.

In April, the Housing Minister, Robert Jenrick, had already been criticized in the press for visiting his parents, about 60 kilometers from their home, in breach of sanitary regulations.

RU: Political-sentimental scandal. In June 2021, security camera footage shows the British Health Minister kissing an adviser, defying health restrictions.

Matt Hancock, then at the center of the government’s response to the pandemic, resigns, admitting he had breached anti-covid regulations.

Argentina: Birthday dinner. The dissemination in August 2021 of a photo of Argentine President Alberto Fern├índez celebrating his partner’s birthday in July 2020 with a dozen guests, when all meetings were prohibited, caused a wave of discontent in the country.

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USA: controversial food. In November 2020, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is in the spotlight for having attended a meal at a three-star restaurant near San Francisco, ignoring the sanitary guidelines, which he himself talked about all day .

Two months earlier, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, had made headlines after a video showed her in a salon without a mask, despite the fact that she was only allowed to cut her hair outdoors in that state.

Dutch Royal Couple Mistake Series

In June 2021, King Willem-Alexander came under fire for violating Dutch social distancing rules after shaking hands with local residents while visiting a street in The Hague.

In August 2020, a photo released on social media showed the royal couple posing with the owner of a Greek restaurant on the island of Milos, without wearing a mask in an enclosed space.

The royal family made an even more serious mistake in October 2020, according to observers, when it traveled back to Greece for a holiday, despite the country having imposed partial lockdown.

Tropical getaway for Kim Kardashian

In October 2020, reality star Kim Kardashian is criticized on social media after having chartered a private plane to celebrate her 40th birthday on a tropical island with her family amid the pandemic.

Brazil: suspended football game. In September 2021, Brazilian authorities suspended the match between the Brazilian and Argentine soccer teams in Sao Paulo after four Argentine players playing in England were accused of violating anti-covid protocols.


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