The personal data of 39 million French people are for sale on the dark web

Are the data of nearly 40 million French people for sale on the dark web? In any case, this is what a cybersecurity specialist claims to have discovered.

According to Damien Bancal, founder of the specialized site Zataz, the first names, names, postal and electronic addresses, as well as the telephone numbers of 39 million French people make up the file available for purchase on the underground web. Handling the basics of marketing with briot, the hacker even offers a sort of sample for acquirers interested in the database by initially providing them with a list of 100,000 names, specifies the Zataz site.

According to the same source, a column titled “Real Money” is also included in the file. This is an expression used on online gambling sites in particular. But the specialist, who qualifies this detail as “intriguing”, does not believe that so much data could have been recovered on a single gambling site but leans more for the thesis of an aggregation of data coming from from several sources.

According to the media Futura Sciences, the sale of this data could give rise to the multiplication of phishing campaigns and other types of scams consisting, for example, of finding the passwords of the people on the list using software. dedicated.

In early August, Damien Bancal reported on another hacking operation and reported the disclosure of data related to more than a million bank cards on the dark web, including 46,000 French cards. Enough to be wary and make sure to adopt the right reflexes in terms of cybersecurity, such as those recommended by the DGSI last July.

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