The permanent lie

Whenever he mentions the United States, the country of his idol and mentor Donald Trump, the unbalanced far-right Jair Bolsonaro shoots praise full of euphoria.

Recently, upon returning from a three-month stint that he spent as a refugee in Florida, he was direct: “The United States is the country that Brazil should be.”

Well: in at least one aspect we are getting closer to the reality lived in the country dreamed of by Bolsonaro.

In the last nine months, ten armed attacks on public and private schools have occurred in Brazil, with at least a dozen deaths. We are still far from the scene of brutal violence registered in the land of Trump, but little by little we are making progress.

The last one happened last week, against a private nursery in Blumenau, in Santa Catarina (photo).

Result: four children dead, another four wounded.

The 25-year-old killer has a history of assault, attempted murder and drug trafficking. He is on trial. But since Justice in my country is slower than a cramped turtle, it’s still on the loose.

Oh, sure: he is a follower of Bolsonaro. After acting, he turned himself in to the police, and was immediately arrested. Even when? Nobody knows.

The alarming picture has no solution in sight.

A number of consistent factors lead to what we have seen, and unfortunately will continue to see. From psychotic episodes to cases of deep social maladjustment, and who knows how many more reasons.

As terrifying acts are publicized, more unbalanced are encouraged.

But it is not necessary to resort to psychologists, sociologists and all the “ologists” in the world to understand that the atmosphere lived in the country over the last four years encouraged what we live.

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These were times of encouragement to violence, of praise for weapons, added to the uncontrolled diffusion through social networks of threatening, if not bloodthirsty, attitudes that the country experienced in the times of Bolsonaro, all of which raised the risks of new tragedies. become more and more terrible.

In the midst of astonishment, pain and mourning, fearing that such a danger will not stop growing, the country heard a thunderous silence: that of Bolsonaro. Not a single and solitary word of repudiation of the violence and of solidarity with the families of the victims.

All of this happened on Wednesday. By coincidence, the same day that he appeared before the Federal Police to give statements about the scandal of millionaire jewels that he tried to put in his pocket.

It was the first time, and the tragedy served to divert attention from public opinion.

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