In the United States, a passenger on a plane opened an emergency door and flew over the wings of the plane, on which he was arrested.

According to the report of the foreign news agency, according to the police, the incident took place at the Ohara airport of Chicago. The passenger suddenly got up, opened the emergency gate and started walking on the wings of the plane.

The plane, coming from San Diego, had just landed on the runway in the early hours of May 5 when the passenger opened the emergency door and began to fly over the wing of the plane.

A person on the plane also shared a picture of the door on Twitter, which he opened and the passenger got out of the plane.

The passenger was later taken into custody by police, identified as Randy Frank Dovilla, a California resident.

The passenger has been charged with irresponsible behavior and will be prosecuted soon. All passengers on board were safe during the incident.