The party of the champions

Valencia Basket has celebrated, together with its fans, the title achieved last night in Salamanca. The club’s first women’s league is already in the club’s showcases of honor. After 8:00 p.m. the party began at La Fonteta in front of more than 2,000 fans in the stands.

The first men’s team led by Álex Mumbrú welcomed the champions with a corridor before stepping onto the track. The coaching staff was the first to enter followed by Rubén Burgos who received the first standing ovation of the afternoon. The players, with a personalized song for each one, entered in the following order: Alba Torrens, Buenavida, Salvadores, Leticia Romero, Lamana, Morro, Cox, Gülich, Cierra Burdick, and Awa Fam. The applause was going in crescendo, but the Fonteta began to tremble when it appeared Raquel Carrera, chosen MVP of the final and Cristina Ouviña and Queralt Casas with the trophy in their hands.

David Gonzalez

Next, the entire female squad together with the male one, with Juan Roig at the helm, have posed for a photo that will become part of the history of this club which grows year after year, especially in the women’s section.

The general manager, Enric Carbonell, has had words of thanks to the squad and to the fans for their unconditional support throughout the season. The public applauded each intervention of the players who answered questions sent by the fans through the social networks. Leti Romero has promised that it will be done “something in the hair” to celebrate the title obtained for the first time in history. Lauren Cox has dared to say a few words in Spanish, “In my house?…No, no, no”. Gülich has dared to sing a verse of the song “Believe de Cher” which is the song that motivates her.

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Captain Queralt Casas affirmed that she felt one more valence and added that “They won’t move me from here until they kick me out.” Casas is one of the most beloved players by the fans. The public began to chant “MVP, MVP” and Raquel Carrera took the microphone. “For us it is very important to have you every game and I hope to continue enjoying you for many years at La Fonteta”Those were the words of the 14 of Valencia.

The last to speak was Rubén Burgos. The coach thanked the Roig family for the support they always show the women’s team. He also wanted to remember the fans and, of course, he had words of thanks to his players and the coaching staff.

Thus concluded an emotional act that has brought together more than 2,000 people to congratulate and enjoy the first league title that the Valencia Basket women’s team has achieved. To the cry of “Champions, champions” the players have said goodbye.

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