The paparazzi did something like this in the process of taking photos, Gauahar Khan said, ‘Why are these people doing this?’

The paparazzi culture in Mumbai has now fully spread. Desperate to catch a glimpse of celebrities on cameras, these paparazzi – that is, celebrity photographers – often do something that celebrities and their fans are also surprised to see. Once again the hallmark of this has been seen. When they saw Gauhar Khan in Mumbai, to take his pictures, the photographers did something that Gauhar Khan captured his head. Not only that, the actress got upset and also said that she doesn’t know why these people do this.

In fact, it happened that when Gauhar Khan appeared in Mumbai, there was panic among the photographers to take his photos and in this crowd and stampede, the paparazzi even dropped the effigy kept on the bar of the store. Seeing such behavior from the paparazzi, Gauahar Khan held his forehead and even said that he does not know why these people do this.

This video has now gone viral on social media. And netizens are also giving their reaction on it. By the way, this is not the first time, but photographers make that mistake many times in the process of capturing photos of celebrities. Gauahar Khan is very active on social media and often expresses his opinion openly on these issues. Recently, a video of a woman in which she is seen picking fruit from street vendors and throwing them on the ground went viral. Gauhar Khan wrote about this: Those who do this should be ashamed. Please give me the number of this provider. I want to buy all its fruits. those that have been damaged. At the same time, he had also asked the name of that woman on the social networks themselves. Gauhar Khan, who has been working in the industry for many years, has appeared in television series, movies, and music videos. And she is a well-known celebrity, which is why the media is still eager to take photos of her.

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