The Pak board will take action against the controversial decision to extradite Rizwan and complain to the ICC

There seems to be no end to the controversy surrounding the decision to exclude Mohammad Rizwan from the Test match between Australia and Pakistan in Melbourne. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will now talk to the International Cricket Council (ICC) on the matter.

In fact, the Pakistan team appeared to be on the verge of victory in the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne on Friday. The Pakistan team needed only 98 runs and still had 5 wickets in hand. Mohammad Rizwan and Salman Aga were on the field here. Rizwan was then sent off by the third umpire after a ball from Pat Cummins. Rizwan was stunned by this decision. After the match, Pakistan team director Mohammad Hafeez also commented on the matter. He had said that Pakistan played better here but had to lose the game due to technical problems.

As Mohammad Rizwan made 35 runs, he tried to bend and fend off a short-pitch ball from Australian captain Pat Cummins. This ball went between his hand and his helmet and went to the goalkeeper. Here Pat Cummins requested elimination, but the referee refused. In such a situation, the Kangaroo captain decided to conduct a review.

After watching the replays from various angles, the third referee instructed the on-field referee to change his decision. This happened because using Hot Spot and Snico technology, it was detected that the ball had lightly touched the band on Rizwan’s wrist. For this reason, Rizwan was extradited. Rizwan could not believe this decision. He was also seen talking to the referee. He said he had no contact with the ball in any way.

A source close to the Pakistan Cricket Board said that board chairman Zaka Ashraf discussed the matter with team director Mohammad Hafeez. Meanwhile, Hafeez had raised some concerns over some of the umpire’s decisions and use of technology in the Melbourne Test. Following this, PCB has decided to raise the entire matter before the ICC.

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