The construction of baseball academies in the country continues and the Baltimore Orioles are the most recent to join this list, which is increasingly extensive.

With the presence of President Luis Abinader, the Orioles got into the wave of complex construction, which has brought so many fruits in the Dominican Republic, after the completion of the palace of honor with a view to carrying out the works, which are expected to be duly concluded. in just over a year.

The structure that will be housed in an area of ​​22.5 acres will henceforth be the center of operations for the Orioles, a group that, although it has just completed five consecutive seasons with a losing record, its history is immense in baseball, because although they only have three scepters Some of its figures such as Brook Robinson, Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken Jr, Dave McNally, Eddie Murray, Frank Robinson, Ken Singleton, Mike Cuellar, Mike Flanagan, Mark Belanger are part of the living history of baseball.

With President and CEO John Angelos, Vice President and General Manager Mike Elias, and Scouteo Senior Director Koby Pérez, the Orioles look forward to following in the footsteps of a wide variety of franchises where Academy Building has helped them improve. as an organization, image and production of talent in Latin America and the Caribbean.


What will the complex have

 The structure will comprise three complete fields, an agility stadium with sports turf, batting and pitching tunnels; administrative buildings, dormitories and educational facilities, which will be three classrooms and a computerized laboratory, a dining room that will have purely nutritious meals, laundry area

Upon completion, the facility will house more than 100 players, coaches, and staff, providing dormitory-style rooms and entertainment spaces.

The ceremony was attended by the former players of the team, Miguel Tejada, Ubaldo Jiménez, Daniel Cabrera, Melvin Mora, Félix Pie and Radhamés Liz. There was also Carlos Martínez, who belongs to the San Luis Cardinals.


Abinader attends

 Abinader was in charge of the start of the works together with Angelos, Elias, Mark Shapiro and the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho.

He arrived at 10:30 in the morning and the formal ceremony began immediately. Top Orioles executives presented the president with a jersey.


Angelos: It’s a historic day

Also speaking at the event was Baltimore executive John Angelos, who thanked President Abinader for being present at this historic moment for the organization.  

"We want to have many prospects from the Dominican Republic and the entire region, that is why we have always given priority to the country for being a country that breathes baseball", said.  

The Orioles executive vice president said the number one priority was increasing the development of young talent.  

“If the teams do not have a presence in the Dominican Republic, it is difficult for them to compete,” said Angelos.  

The CEO of the Orioles commented that they want to create relationships with the community to contribute to development and that students are trained in technology and are trained in a general sense.  



Camacho: Great marriage with baseball  

On behalf of the Dominican Government, the Minister of Sports Francisco Camacho spoke. He proclaimed that the country enjoys the privilege of large investments by the Major League Baseball teams of the United States and that has been evidenced in the last year and two months of President Abinader’s administration.  

"That is a marriage without divorce. Here there are guarantees that the economic investments made by the Major League Baseball teams are guaranteed, in addition, President Abinader is an honest and transparent man", he stressed.  

Camacho explained that he has instructions from the Head of State to remove some obstacles, if they appear, so that Major League Baseball continues with the construction of its academies in the country.  


Mejía, the builder

 Brian Mejía, from Brison SRL will be the builder of the project and said that the aspiration is for the Orioles academy to be the best in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

The Orioles have been represented by the architect José Mella, who is considered one of the most avant-garde and important in the country.



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