“The Origin of Evil”, a poisonous family thriller with Laure Calamy, Dominique Blanc and Jacques Weber

The family, source of all poisons: The Origin of Evil revives the Chabrolian tradition of poisonous family thrillers, brought up to date at the time of the sinking of the patriarchy, with a cast of intergenerational actresses. A film in theaters Wednesday, October 5.

This huis-clos in a bourgeois house, which also borrows from the baroque spirit of François Ozon (8 Women) features Stéphane (Laure Calamy), a worker in a cannery, who comes into contact with the father she never knew, Serge (Jacques Weber), an aristocrat established on the island of Porquerolles.

Who is manipulating whom?

Against the backdrop of an anticipated struggle for the inheritance, she will discover a family of the upper middle class in full decline: a wife who drowns her depression in teleshopping (Dominique Blanc), a totally self-centered daughter (Doria Tillier)… Who lies , who manipulates whom? The scenario navigates for 02:05 of unspoken lies, while the poison of family hatred spreads.

The origin of evil is both money, patriarchy, family, but it is above all lies, which poisons all families“, explains to AFP the director and author Sébastien Marnier, who is digging his furrow in the French psychological thriller. “Obviously Chabrol is my favorite director“, recognizes the 45-year-old filmmaker, who claims to add a dimension to this tradition”class struggle“more marked, already present in his previous films, Exit time and Impeccable.

A class defector director

Being a class defector is a bit what I felt and still feel as a 4000 prole (city of La Courneuve where he grew up)immersed in the bourgeois world of cinema“, he continues. Totally theatrical at times, claiming a “staging that can be seen” borrowed from the genre film, based on “split-screen” and strong zooms, the film hopes to help give a boost to French cinema, which is trying to bring its viewers back to theaters.

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