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The ordeal that “mentally destroyed” Márquez

Good news came about how the recovery of Marc Márquez is going, but that does not mean that it is an easy time for the ilerdense. With little time to feel fully competitive again due to the humerus injury that had him out of the picture throughout 2020 and the first two races of 2021, at the end of the season the eighth champion found himself face to face with old ghosts that made him go back in time remembering the “hardest” episode of his sporting career. With the Moto2 World Championship at stake, a fall caused Marc an eye injury that deprived him of fighting for the title in his year of rookie in order, a decade later, to halt the progression of a course that was already more complex than expected.

Diplopia reappeared just as Márquez was preparing to complete the last two races of the year. Again double vision got him off the bike and at the same time, it made him relive “an injury that could not be worked on” as the ilerdense confesses in DAZN. “I would go to the physios and say ‘I see double’. Ok, so what? “It will be good to lead a normal life, but on a complicated motorcycle.” ‘You have no idea, I’m going to another’, so up to eight doctors “, He acknowledges that he tried Cervera’s to remedy a problem that fortunately, on this occasion, it seems that he will not need surgery as it happened at that time, but he will need incessant work that allows him to correct the entire optical defect.

The simple fact of avoiding the operating room and opting for a “conservative treatment” that makes the lesion progress favorably, It already means that the process is not lived in the same way as in the past, but how complex was it to assume and overcome this injury? “I would put on a machine, in which I would see a little figure that I would see in the background and try to merge images. They were exercises, which were a pain in the ass because you were there still, but I had to do them, and It was a preseason that physically did not tire anything, but mentally it destroyed me. It didn’t enter my head and I never thought I would never run again. “

Although it is a repeated setback in the case of the eighth champion, in the rest of the riders it is not a common evil as it happens with other types of injuries: “We break our little fingers a lot because they are the first to touch the ground. Are occupational hazards”. However, as Márquez himself recognizes, difficult moments are those that make you “understand various things and try to pose it differently”, to come back stronger and continue to seek excellence in a sport, which awaits you back with your best version.

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