The opposition in San Lorenzo rejected the initiative of Lammens

Leaders of the opposition arch of San Lorenzo rejected this Thursday the call for unity launched by the ruling party to overcome the institutional crisis that intensified last week with the resignation of President Marcelo Tinelli.

Three leaders of different political groups consulted by the Télam agency agreed on the need to hold early elections, as the second vice president Matías Lammens stated in a statement, but they called for concrete actions so that these initiatives go beyond the scope of social networks and take formal status. .

Tinelli announced his resignation last Saturday via Instagram at the end of the one-year license that had been taken for family and professional reasons, while Lammens posted a message on Wednesday with his position to facilitate unity and later set a date for the election of new authorities.

Specifically, the current Minister of Tourism and Sports invited opposition leaders to join a Football Council in charge of defining the next technical director and renewing the professional squad for the following season, which the team will begin committed to in the table of averages for permanence in First Division.

Marcelo Culotta, a member of the San Lorenzo Order and Progress (OyPSL), ruled out that possibility: “Personally, I am not willing to work together with the ruling party since they now remember, after 10 years of government, to call for unity when they have never they did not listen to the members of San Lorenzo nor did they take them into account”.

“Matías made a public declaration of intentions. Our group has not yet been called to participate formally. On the other hand, I understand that the situation of the CD should be resolved first and that they define who is the president of the club. One is always there for help the club but we have to be consistent, the situation is not clear,” said Marcelo Moretti, from Boedo en Acción.

In his turn, César Francis, the only member for the minority of the current DC, considered that “a call that was made by social networks and by a person who lacks powers cannot be taken seriously because, even as the second vice president, he cannot arrogate powers or adopt decisions that are the responsibility of the Board of Directors, after deliberation and vote of its members.

“You cannot govern or make calls through social networks, it must be done through the statutory bodies and respecting the established forms for the validity of the acts. Deliberation, the exchange of ideas and access to information must be recovered. to know the real situation and the resources that the club has. Without that information, it makes no sense to form a Football Council”, emphasized Francis, who showed his inclination to hire a coach with a history in San Lorenzo (“Claudio Biaggio, Rubén Insúa , Walter Perazzo, Nestor Gorosito and would add Pablo Guede”).

Under the same logic, the opposition leaders warned about the invalidity of Tinelli’s resignation, who after his post did not legally ratify his decision.
“They are all public expressions but the club has an Estatuto that marks the steps to follow in each case. Until they comply with that, everything will be in the plane of speculation,” explained Moretti, a lawyer by profession and former member of the current management , who left the position in disagreement over the termination of the contracts of the Paraguayan soccer players Ángel and Óscar Romero.

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“Tinelli’s virtual resignation is not valid. He should validate it with a document letter so that it can be dealt with by the Board of Directors,” said Culotta, one of the top figures in the Vuelta a Boedo project.

For Francis, the “twitter” resignation of the emblematic businessman and TV host is part of “a perverse game to which San Lorenzo is subjected in a battle of egos and personal interests.”

In the event that the call for elections is formalized, both Francis, Moretti and Culotta expressed their intention to contest the presidency of San Lorenzo after 12 years managed by the current ruling party.

“From the group that I preside over, Back to San Lorenzo, we are prepared to govern the club. We have been in the day-to-day for 10 years. We know what to do and how to do it,” said Francis, the first leader to demand the advancement of the elections when Tinelli applied for his license in May of last year.

“There will be urgent and immediate decisions and others in the long term. In the immediate term, an accounting audit must be carried out to establish the liabilities to advance in the restructuring of the debt. Agree on payment plans and clean up the club without suffocating it, allowing it to function fully “, raised

“Then we will value the San Lorenzo brand and we will launch a campaign to reach 100,000 associates. At the same time, we will set a policy to open markets abroad for the construction of the stadium in Boedo,” he promised.

“At Boedo en Acción we are prepared to compete -said Moretti-. We are a group with 11 years of activity in the club, which has always been constantly growing. The most important thing is to put together a team with 300 leaders who can manage the club and we are achieving this by talking to partners, inviting them to participate and discussing projects”.

Moretti ruled out the formation of a list of opposition unity because “it would mean that the member cannot choose and it is a time, more than ever, to have leaders elected and validated by the members.”

Culotta announced that OyPSL and other political spaces are analyzing “the formation of a front” that does not include members or former members of the current government.

“Front, yes, unity with this ruling party, not because they are responsible for the serious situation that San Lorenzo is going through, with a generalized institutional crisis,” he concluded.

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