The operation out of Barcelona intensifies

He FC Barcelona has launched its restructuring plan with an ambitious “Operation Exit”. The main objective is to lighten the salary burden and rejuvenate the squad, while looking for opportunities to generate income through transfers. According to Sports Carousel of the Chain BeingSeveral first-team players are on the departure radar, and the club is ready to take drastic measures to revitalize itself for the future.

One of the names that sounds strong is that of Nico, in fact, a new outlet is being sought for him, the club hopes to obtain financial benefits through his sale, although a transfer will also be considered if an attractive offer is not presented. As for Abde, the club will carefully evaluate any offer that comes for him, being able to consider selling him if he meets the economic and sporting expectations.

However, “Operation Exit” is not just about getting rid of players, but also looking for trade opportunities. SergiƱo Dest, the young American right-back, is one of the names that Barcelona would be willing to include in an operation. With the aim of reinforcing other areas of the field, the club will explore possible transfers where Dest is an exchange card, with the intention of achieving mutual benefit in the composition of the squads.

Another player who is expected to have a way out is Samuel Umtiti. The French defender has suffered several injuries in recent years and has lost prominence in the team. Barcelona would be willing to let him go to Lecce in Serie A, even without generating income from his transfer. Another option for Umtiti would be to return to Olympique de Lyon, his old club, in search of an opportunity to relaunch his career.

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In the case of Clement Lenglet, the French central defender is at a crossroads. Although there is no news about his imminent departure, it is rumored that Lenglet is waiting to hear about the changes at Tottenham Hotspur to make a decision about his future. Barcelona would be willing to negotiate his transfer if an offer that satisfies both parties arrives.

The only different case will be that of Pablo Torre

Finally, Pablo Torre, a player with great potential but with little participation in the first team, is on the list of possible departures. Barcelona faces the difficult task of finding the balance between giving him minutes of play for his development and not losing control over him. Assignment or sale options with a repurchase clause will be considered to maintain future control over the player.

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