The ongoing ‘wave of violence’ in the occupied West Bank is deplorable, UN

Tor Wensland, the United Nations High Representative for the Peace Process in Occupied Jerusalem, said he was deeply concerned about the ongoing spate of violence in the occupied West Bank after nine Palestinians were killed in an attack by the Israeli army.

Tor Wensland condemned the Israeli attack and said that he was deeply disturbed and saddened by this incident.

He said that since the beginning of this year, we have been witnessing continuous violence and other negative trends that characterize 2022. He called for an immediate de-escalation of tensions to prevent casualties. He urged Israeli authorities both to restore peace and avoid further violence.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, OCHA, together with humanitarian partners working in the Palestinian territories, also launched a $502 million appeal to help the approximately 1.6 million vulnerable people there.

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