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The One UI 6 Beta on Android 14 arrives for the Galaxy S23 series

The One UI 6 Beta on Android 14 arrives for the Galaxy S23 series

Samsung published this A UI 6 beta program for users of the Samsung Galaxy S23 line, which includes the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Related to Android 14One UI 6 enables a more intuitive user experience with improvements to Samsung apps and features such as B. a slimmer design and greater customization options.

The beta program allows user feedback to be collected and incorporated into the final release to ensure the official software update offers the best possible experience.

One UI 6 has a clean user interface. Many elements have been adjusted to give a more modern look, such as: new text font And new samsung keyboard emojis. He quick dashboard It has been updated with a design that makes it easier for users to access the most commonly used features.

It’s now easier to adjust screen visibility on the fly because the brightness control bar is available by default in the Compact Quick Panel. There’s also a new “Full Quick Panel” instant access option, giving easier access to settings with a single swipe down in the top-right corner of the screen.

One UI 6 offers new features that allow users to fully personalize their Galaxy experience. For example it is now possible set different lock screens depending on specific modes and routines, like a relaxing photo of a forest in sleep mode.

There’s also a new custom camera widget that allows users to preselect a camera mode and location for photos, e.g. B. the portrait mode or a folder only for passport photos.


Availability of the One UI 6 Beta program

Galaxy S23 series users are invited to join the One UI 6 beta program and be among the first to try the latest improvements and share their valuable feedback. The program is available today in the US, Germany and South Korea.

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