The Ombudsman is calling for a “therapeutic abortion” to be performed on an 11-year-old girl who was raped

The Ombudsman of Peru, Jose Gutierrez, asked the country’s doctors to approve it “therapeutic abortion” to minors under the age of 11 who became pregnant after childbirth raped by her stepfather.

Peru does not recognize the right to do so voluntary abortion, There is only one “therapeutic termination of pregnancy” that is used in cases where the The mother’s life is in danger.

For this reason, when the minor, who was already 17 weeks pregnant, went to a hospital in the Loreto region to have an abortion, the country’s authorities refused. Likewise the Prime Minister of Peru himself, Alberto Otarolacame out to remember that the Abortion is only possible if it is therapeutic and the health hazard is presented as a condition.

Now the ombudsman has sent a petition so that “a specialized team”. the case of the 11-year-old girl. In addition, he has noted that there were already such in areas of southern Peru used similar maneuvers and the case was solved “internally”.

In fact, Gutiérrez regrets that the case was covered in the media and eventually reached the capital. “This case should have stayed in Loreto and not necessarily reached Lima“, explained the ombudsman, as reported by the radio station RPP.

“Cases like this continue to exist and We have chosen to keep the names of victims anonymous“, Gutiérrez explained further. And he points out that in such situations one often mediates means “make the victim victim again”.

The case of the minor goes beyond national borders and triggers criticism from organizations human rights. The United Nations, for its part, has already reprimanded a Similar case in Peru.

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