The old record of extreme heat was broken in South America

The 49-year-old record of extreme heat was broken in the southwestern United States. Millions of American citizens are currently in the grip of extreme heat.

According to a foreign news agency, America and Europe are under the grip of extreme heat from the anti-cyclone system Cerberus coming from the Sahara desert.

According to the news agency, more than 11 million American citizens will be affected by this extreme heat wave, the mercury reached 45 degrees in Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Houston, Texas and California.

The record for the hottest heat set in the American Southwest in 1974 was also broken, with Phoenix recording 43 degrees Celsius for the 13th day in a row.

the National Weather Service warned that the heat will continue to increase by the end of the week, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees in Death Valley, California, Phoenix and Arizona.

Apart from this, in France, Greece, Spain and Croatia, the mercury reached forty-three degrees, while in Italy, the mercury is likely to reach 48 degrees.

Meanwhile, large parts of southern Europe are seeing their highest temperatures since the 40s.

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