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The oil crisis in Britain, the army reached out to help

The British government has called on the military to help alleviate the country’s ongoing oil crisis.

Due to the shortage of petrol in the UK, people are suffering from severe mental anguish. Long queues at petrol pumps are an open expression of their helplessness.

Trade Minister Quarsi Quarting said the crisis was gradually receding and troops would start supplying oil in the next few days.

According to the Department of Business, the Ministry of Defense can use 80 emergency tankers for the supply of 300 military drivers.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that oil should be provided to workers including doctors and teachers on priority basis.

No more than 30 pounds of oil is being supplied at several petrol stations. The oil crisis has started due to shortage of tanker drivers.

For the past few days, long queues of vehicles have been seen at petrol pumps in various parts of the UK, including London, as people have started buying more petrol than they need due to fears of not getting it in the coming days. Has given

Ministers in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government have repeatedly insisted that there is no shortage of petrol in the country and that only temporary supply of oil to petrol pumps is being affected by a shortage of tanker drivers. Will be back to normal soon.

According to media reports, the fuel crisis in Britain seems to be giving rise to a major political crisis while the Prime Minister is under pressure to address the nation in this regard.

According to reports, the seriousness of the situation has resulted in two people being seen punching and punching each other while filling bottles of mineral water with petrol. A video of a knife-wielding man has also surfaced.


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