The ogre conquers Europe and Spain adds five medals

The Turin sky decided to come out blue so that the 2022 European Cross Country Championships in the La Mandria Park in Piedmont would shine as it deserved so much athletic talent on an already very tough circuit with an uphill that pushed the lower body to the limit and it used up all the oxygen in the body and a very dangerous descent that saw many falls and made the athletes suffer. Six categories plus the mixed relay that showed that Spain is at the highest continental level, both in the present and in the future. Five medals for the National Team, which already has 82 medals in history with 32 individual and 50 for teams, in the transalpine morning, one of the six in Albufeira 2010 and much better than the two in Dublin 2021: team silvers in the absolute masculine category and in the Sub20 category.

Before focusing on the fantastic homeland performance, we must extol the most brilliant star present in the European: Jakob Ingebrigtsen. The 22-year-old African-Norwegian put on a new display by holding off every attack and winning how and when he wanted in the way only he can: going off seemingly effortlessly with a wide-stride harmonic cadence that other humans see as unachievable. The green carpet stained with mud and already destroyed by the passage of all the previous races suffered and recalled the “hammer of the world”, that king of the Huns who subdued Europe (as well as Asia) fulfilling his famous phrase: “Where my horse step on the grass does not grow”. 29:31 for him in the 10 kilometers of the absolute male category whose podium he shared with the British Emile Cairess and the Belgian Isaac Kimeli.

In that same category, Spain achieved fifth metal in the European Championship thanks to Mo Katir’s ninth place, Abdessamad Oukhelfen’s tenth and Carlos Mayo’s 17th. Team bronze behind France and Italy. “Hopefully he does well and can help for a good position by country for Spain. I come to gain experience and I have no defined objective or obligation to do anything specific ”, Katir assured AS in the previous one. No sooner said than done. New medal for the one from Mula in a wonderful 2022 in which he was world bronze of 1,500 in Eugene and continental silver in the 5,000 in Munich behind precisely the Norwegian ogre.

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The absolute metal of the men joined the U20 bronze of the same gender led by the sixth of Jaime Migallón, the silver of the 4×1,500 relay made up of Jesús Gómez, Solange Pereira, Adrián Ben and Rosalía Tarraga; the gold by countries in the women’s U20 achieved largely thanks to the impressive individual triumph of María Farero, the first individual women’s medal since 2010 which gave the first U20 team title in history thanks to the combination of the success of the 19-year-old from Huelva with the ninth of Iraia Mendía from San Sebastian and the eleventh of Antía Castro from Orensa. “I saw that as the race went on I looked good and very strong. And on the last slope I decided to shoot, I changed and I saw that I was going alone. I came in crying, it was incredible”, the disciple of Luis Enrique Villacorta said excitedly at the finish line.

“We have a smile from ear to ear with this medal” affirmed an also happy Jesús Gómez despite his two falls that did not prevent the silver of the mixed relay of the team led by the coach Pepe Peiró. “It has been a very long-suffering medal and that makes us very happy. It has been very exciting”, corroborated Solange, as well as Ben: “I am very proud of this team for how we have redone everything. It’s been a long time since I got so excited watching other people run. We have stayed very close to gold”. The three of them waited with their arms around Rosalía, who was very close to snatching victory from Italy. “I have run the race that I wanted and I have trusted a lot in myself and in my teammates. We are second in Europe!”, assured the 26-year-old debutante from Albacete.

Metals and successes that were very close to increasing the female U23, with Carmen Riaño spearheading thanks to 7th place, and the absolute female, who won the Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal, with Irene Sánchez-Escribano in front with 15th place finished fourth by country. In the seventh category, the U23 masculine, the National Team finished 7th with Adam Maijo as the best ranked at the finish line, 18th.

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