The official death toll from heavy rains in the Dominican Republic rises to 24

Santo Domingo.- Dominican authorities have raised to 24 the official death toll from the torrential rains that hit the country over the weekend, displacing thousands of people, damaging homes and infrastructure and causing power and water outages.

In the latest report from the Emergency Operations Center (COE) of the Dominican Republic, three deaths are added to the 21 deaths counted up to last Sunday, those who lost their lives due to flooded rivers, floods in urban areas or earthquakes.

Among the deceased are four Haitian citizens and four Puerto Ricans, the latter victims of the collapse of a side wall of a central overpass in Santo Domingo, where another five people died when the structure fell on the vehicles traveling on the road at the time. Moment.

The COE situation report also reports the eviction of 17,855 people from their homes, of which 879 are in emergency shelters and the rest in the homes of relatives and friends.

The damage affected 3,571 homes, 45 towns were cut off, eight roads and six bridges were damaged (one of which collapsed), while several electricity and drinking water systems were knocked out of service due to the heavy rains.

State-owned electric utilities reported that there were 2,857 affected customers in the south (0.28% of subscribers) and another 12,136 affected customers in the east (1.52%).

In addition, 111 aqueducts of the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewers (Inapa) are affected, with all but one completely out of service and the other partially out of service, preventing drinking water supplies to 1,668,248 users.

The Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation reported that four above-ground aqueduct systems are out of service, affecting approximately 364,437 homes in the National District (where the capital is located), Los Alcarrizos and Pedro Brand, surrounding Santo Domingo, with a population of 100,000 residents 1,166,204 inhabitants.

This Monday, the COE maintains the red alert level in only one province of the country, Duarte in the northeast, while another 28 are at the yellow alert level and two at the green alert level, for a total of 31 of the 32 provinces that make it up the country .

This is due to the saturation of the ground as a result of the heavy rains, thunderstorms and wind gusts over the weekend, as well as the forecast of new rainfall, albeit of lower intensity and frequency.

With information from EFE

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