The Valencia CF needs to incorporate a new center in this winter market since Jose Bordalás needs greater guarantees behind and the first name that appears on the Alicante coach’s agenda is that of Aridane Hernandez, current Osasuna player. The Canarian footballer has lost ownership in the Navarrese team and wants to get out in this transfer market, although it will not be so easy to get his services since the Pamplonas have set a high price for the depleted coffers of Mestalla.

Sources close to the club confirm that Valencia has made a proposal to Osasuna that consists of a loan until the end of the season and also incorporates a purchase option to be able to sign him permanently if he ends up convincing the club. It seems that Osasuna did not like this at all, who only considers Aridane leaving if it is definitively, that is, through a sale, a condition that the team cannot access due to the little margin it has in your salary limit.

Affordable price, but there is no way to pay for it

The price that Osasuna expects to pay for Aridane Hernandez is 1.8 million euros, a fairly affordable figure under normal conditions for the Valencia, but this season the club is very depleted economically and with very little room for movement in the team’s salary limit, so they cannot make this disbursement. Despite this, they confirm that the club is not going to give up and that it is going to hurry up all the market time to be able to incorporate this player and thus make the request of José Bordalás a reality, who wants him no matter what, under his orders.



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