The offer that the Washington Wizards are looking for to transfer Bradley Beal

The guard from St. Louis has been associated with various teams for several seasons, but for now he has refused to leave the team that drafted him

It’s been three seasons now Washington Wizards They don’t play playoffs and everything indicates that they won’t either this season. Not even having in their ranks a player of the caliber of Bradley Beal, who is one of the best shooting guards in the league right now, as few have his scoring ability. However, he is not being able to lead the team towards good results.

This season he is averaging numbers that he has not registered since 2018, having suffered a clear drop in performance. And it is that, of the 31 points per game scored in 2021, he has gone to 22 points per game. That is why Washington Wizards would have decided to start listening to offers for Bradley Beal ahead of the transfer deadline.

Bradley Beal could change teams in 2023

Bradley Beal, the best player available in Washington Wizards

Currently, the Washington DC franchise is ranked 10th in the East and they are fighting to get into the play-in. However, they are aware that reconstruction is already inevitable, as next summer they will lose players of the caliber of Kuzma, who is being one of the team’s leaders this season and who wants to join another project.

Likewise, Porzingis could also choose to decline their player option and they will have to decide if and how much to pay Rui Hachimura. Thus, what makes the most sense for them right now is to trade Bradley Beal to get as many draft picks and young pieces to start building the future of the franchise.

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The necessary offer to sign Bradley Beal

Many are the teams that are one or two moves away from being true candidates for the NBA ring. Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks or Los Angeles Lakers would be willing to move all their available assets to get Bradley Beal, who also has signed a long-term contract. So it will take interesting young players and draft picks to get the Wizards’ nod.

But there is a problem. And it is that Washington Wizards does not fully control the transfer of Bradley Beal. In his renewal, a veto option was included, so the shooting guard could decide whether or not to go to a team. Be that as it may, everything indicates that sooner or later we will see the Missouri player wear other colors that truly put him in a position to compete for the ring.

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