The offer that Manchester United rejected for Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire’s future at Manchester United has become uncertain, and while the club are keen to part with the defender, they won’t do so for a small price. West Ham submitted a first offer of 23 million euros for the player, but the “red devils” considered it insufficient and immediately rejected it.

Manchester United is aware that West Ham has significant income after the sale of Declan Rice for almost 120 million euros. Therefore, the club seeks to obtain a considerable figure for Maguire and he’s not willing to let it go at a price below its value, even though they don’t currently have him as a key piece of the team.

The offer that Manchester United rejected for Harry Maguire

Maguire finds himself in a difficult situation at the club. Aware that his departure is a possibility, he saw how the captaincy was taken from him during the preseason, which is now held by Bruno Fernandes. The coach, Ten Hag, was the one who informed him of this decision and urged him to look for a new opportunity in another team, since this season he is emerging as the last option in the defense of Manchester United.

Despite this situation, Manchester United is not willing to give in to pressure and is looking to get a significant figure from the sale of Maguire. The club has in mind to obtain between 40 and 50 million euros, an amount that seems difficult for West Ham to be willing to pay, especially considering the performance of the defender in recent seasons.

The negotiation between both clubs seems complicated, since the positions are clearly faced in terms of the value of Maguire. While Manchester United seeks to get the most out of the sale, West Ham will have to decide if they are willing to make an offer closer to the English club’s claims to ensure the signing of the player.

Uncertainty surrounding Harry Maguire’s future continues and negotiations are likely to drag on until both clubs reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. West Ham will have to assess the importance of incorporating a quality defender like Maguire, while Manchester United will have to consider whether it is convenient to keep a player who seems not to be in their long-term plans. Time will tell what the outcome of this situation will be and if Maguire will finally change the air in this transfer window.

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