After proclaiming himself champion of Europe this Sunday in Germany, BSR Amiab Albacete has hardly had time to savor the victory. And it is that the La Mancha team is living an odyssey on its return back to Spain since seven strollers of its players are still in the German country.

This Monday, around 8 in the afternoon, the expedition of the Albacete team landed at the Barajas airport with the unpleasant surprise that seven pushchairs had been left behind at the Frankfurt airport.

Since then, the team from Albacete began to take steps to try to find a solution to the problem while the team had to be transferred to a hotel in a medicalized bus Waiting for this matter to be resolved.

Finally, AENA was able to provide some chairs to the players, although those chairs, as indicated in statements to ‘AS’, the coach of the La Mancha team, Esther Jiménez “They are not adapted to their needs, or they are too big or they do not have footrests. “Right now we have the players at home without being able to move, waiting for the chairs to arrive throughout the afternoon.”

The La Mancha team arrived in Albacete around 3:30 in the morning and hopes that in the next few hours AENA can send them the chairs that have been lost in Frankfurt.

It should be remembered that the team from La Mancha can achieve the double this weekend since if he manages to win on Saturday in Malaga he will be proclaimed champion of the League.


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