The numbers of the League: more chances, less aim

A few more goals, more chances and more dribbling attempts. At first glance, they are the first conclusions that can be drawn from a League that lowers the curtain after starring in a certain offensive awakening. Where they came from in recent years, the slight improvement in scoring ratios is not a minor matter. Neither are the appearance of promising youngsters or the success of attractive proposals from many of the teams that have risen to noble positions in the table. There are arguments that call for the vindication of the League both in the present and in the future.

The approach to the goal

La Liga is once again the domestic tournament of the five majors with the worst scoring average, but the total number of goals has increased minimally. 955 goals have been scored, the highest number in the last four seasons. The conditioning goodbye of Cristiano and Messi continues to be suffered and it is still a long way from the 1,118 goals that were signed in 2016-17, a record in this century. However, the offensive production of the teams has indeed increased ostensibly by creating 1,530 great scoring chances, 145 more than last season, for example, data that has not served to trigger the number of goalscorers due to a notable lack of aim. Of those 1,530 opportunities, only 37% have been transformed and only 10.2% of the shots ended up in the rival net. Athletic is the team that has suffered the most from its lack of punch. All in all, there have been more attacks and chances in the League, but the final definition has slipped. Among other reasons, due to the notable list of goalkeepers. The Barcelona title would not be understood without the contribution of Ter Stegen, who has left his clean sheet 26 times.

One against one

The greater general daring in the competition is also verified through the statistics of attempted dribbles. 13,243 bankruptcies have been sought, although not too wisely, as only one in two was completed. In this section, Vinicius (Real Madrid) stands out, of course, with 112 successful dribbles, followed by Nico Williams (Athletic) and Kang In Lee (Mallorca) with 90. Griezmann stands out as the player who has created the most chances (84) and he has given more assists (16), with Gumbau (Elche), surprisingly, in the background having built 77 chances for his team. Capital footballers for their teams in the generation, as Ünal (Getafe) or Muriqi (Mallorca) have been in finalization. The Turkish striker has scored 41% of the blue goals and the Kosovar has registered 40% of the vermilions.

Vinicius leaves Guruzeta, who he needs in Madrid-Athletic.
Vinicius leaves Guruzeta, who he needs in Madrid-Athletic.MARSHALEFE

The mix of styles

The importance of some names in their respective teams already offers a coherent vision with their football philosophy. Mallorca’s direct play is appreciated, where Muriqi has been the footballer in the competition who has had to face the most duels. But also likes the pressure of a block with as good a foot as Real Sociedad is, with a PPDA (passes allowed to the rival by defensive action) of 9.1, only behind Barça. AND Rayo’s offensive ambition, that it is the team that has the highest percentage of possession in the opposite field (64.9%); the breadth of Girona and his dominance in the lateral centers (28% success); either Osasuna’s verticality (1,205 good long passes). They are teams that can boast of having enjoyed coaches with their own stamp and extraordinary capacity (Javier Aguirre, Imanol, Iraola, Míchel and Arrasate). Other technicians have not been so lucky in this campaign. There have been 11 dismissals, in addition to Emery’s departure to the Premier League. The spare parts, in some cases, have been decisive. Tell Sevilla, Valencia and Getafe with Mendilibar, Baraja and Bordalás, respectively.

The stopped ball

The strategy has once again played a leading role in deciding matches. Up to 255 goals have come from this origin, one in four of the total. Teams like Mallorca have exploited it to the maximum (43.2% of their goals were from set pieces) and it so happens that Barça is the one that has taken the least advantage of it. He has only scored seven goals, five from a corner kick and two from a free kick. The champion did not score a penalty throughout the competition.

Muriqi, hero of Mallorca.
Muriqi, hero of Mallorca.

the apparitions

Along with figures of well-known reputation, names have been added that have made an absolute impression throughout the League’s run. Gabri Veiga (Celta), Arnau (Girona), Balde (Barcelona), Baena and Jackson (Villarreal) or Fresneda (Valladolid), among many others. There have been 46 professional debuts and there have been goals from 40 different nationalities. Very famous was the debut with Barça of Lamine Yamal, with just 15 years and 290 days of age. A footballer who is called to give great nights of glory to a League that is slowly reviving.

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