The number of Pakistani pilgrims who died in the fire at Makkah Hotel has increased to 8

Unfortunately, the number of Pakistanis who died during the fire in the hotel in Makkah has reached 8, while 6 pilgrims are injured. In a statement issued by the spokesperson of the Foreign Office, it is stated that we have prepared a report of 8 dead and injured Pakistanis in the incident, our mission in Jeddah is in contact with the local authorities to provide relief to the victims and their families.

It has been learned that two more people who died in the incident include a mother and son who were going to perform Umrah, two pilgrims from Borewala, a mother and a son. died of suffocation in Ghala Mandi trader Rana Faheem Ahmed and his mother, both mother and son along with other members of their family had left for Umrah on May 9. They were sleeping in their hotel when a fire broke out in the hotel and both died of suffocation.

Accident victims

Yesterday, 6 members of the same family of Kasur who had gone to perform Umrah died. The deceased were staying in a hotel in Makkah. Women are also included among those who died, this family of Kasur went to Saudi Arabia to pay Umrah a few days ago. On April 20, a terrible accident happened to the car of Umrah pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, in which 9 Pakistanis were killed. The victims belonged to Islamnagar and Nankana Sahib areas of Punjab and they had gone to Saudi Arabia on a visit visa.

The deceased in this tragic accident were identified as Zulfikar Ali, Shahbaz Ali, Umm Amara (wife of Shahbaz Ali), Amaria Bibi, Haram Fatima, Muhammad Dawood, Tahirim Fatima and Harim Fatima. The deceased belonged to two families. , including his wife, daughters and son, 4 Pakistani nationals were injured in the accident, identified as Muhammad Tayyab, Abdul Hadi, Muhammad Shahbaz and Abdul Wahab. Initially, the final cause of the accident was not revealed.

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