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The number of dengue cases in Rio de Janeiro already exceeds the total for 2023; There is an outbreak in Brazil

Dengue fumigation in a school in Brasilia.  (Reuters)

The number of dengue cases in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 2024 On Friday, it surpassed the total for all of last year, according to the city council, amid an explosion of the disease across the country. The city, which is under a health emergency due to the outbreak, has seen 23,373 dengue cases this year (as of Friday), compared to 22,795 in all of 2023. Two deaths from the disease have also been confirmed, compared to seven last Year .

“There are several reasons for this increase in cases. people born after the last major epidemic; “We have four types of viruses circulating, which means that each person can have up to four types of the disease,” said infectious disease specialist Edimilson Migowiski.

Between the end of this month and the beginning of March The Rio mayor’s office plans to begin vaccinating children and teenagers between 10 and 14 years old against the disease. in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines. Due to the lack of vaccines, the age range was limited.

“The vaccine can help, but it is impossible to stop the dengue wave in 2024. It takes time to work, cases are increasing and we only have 5 million doses available for the entire country. We cannot rely on the vaccine.” “It is a tool to fight the disease. It will only cover 2.5 million people,” Migowiski said.

“Dengue fever is a disease caused by abandonment, disorganized growth, lack of public policy and even education, as well as an apparent lack of regular garbage collection and adequate water supply. Breeding sites spread very easily in this environment,” he added.

The dengue situation is also worrying throughout the state of Rio de Janeiro. with more than 40,000 cases and two more deaths, in addition to the two registered in the capital. In 2023, the state recorded just over 51,000 dengue cases.

“The dengue situation in Rio is worrying. We are expecting the start of a surge in cases and don’t know if this is an anticipation of the entire curve or if there are still many cases ahead. At the same time, we continue. “I have great concerns about the COVID, it is here,” said a Rio de Janeiro health source.


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