The Nuggets’ season has been put against them and, due to past infections, they are trying to redirect it as much as possible. Waiting for what the market may bring and to see how Jamal Murray progresses from his long-term absence, this is what there is. They have to row and not a little, since they are still touching 50% of the qualifying balance, which is bad news for a team that is seen as one of the most reliable in its conference. Slips like the ones in the last game, in which the Clippers came back 25 points to end up defeated, can be seen as something specific, not as a trend. That is why rivals like the Blazers, the one who played at the Ball Arena this Thursday, cannot come out with a smile from confrontations with them if what they want in Denver is to progress and leave bad feelings behind. As they say to Lewis Hamilton when it’s time to crush rivals: “Hammertime”. The boys fulfilled what was explained at first and even added color notes to a meeting that ended 140-108 and whose only brilliance was that of those from Colorado. Lillard’s surgery takes the spirits down again in Portland and that is transmitted on the court; If the team was full of problems to be solved and the best players are not there to be the reference, a bad solution is expected. They could even savor Mike Malone’s players: Jokic, content and successful, was almost a second row spectator of what was offered by men like Nnaji, Hyland, Barton or Jeff Green. Added to the military troop is a Swiss army knife that was being misused, Facu Campazzo, who contributed a double-double (18+12) in 27 minutes and puts aside the doubts with which he had been playing in recent games.

The Argentine point guard’s exit to the field was the springboard for the Nuggets to go from being equal to the Blazers to dominating the game. The key was not another. Then more joined, but the breaking point was marked by Campazzo. Little and Smith scoring on the other side was dropper and individual quality shooting, while Denver progressed on the scoreboard thanks to the pressure on defense and knowing how to find Jokic so that he could decide whether to finish the action or serve the ball. The +20 control was close after a hung pass for Jeff Green, who is 35 years old but flies as if they were 25, and at half-time there was relaxation in the local front due to their good work.

As when they were teammates, Jokic continues to show Nurkic that he can’t beat him. The Serbian continued to take advantage near the rim. Two passes for two 3-pointers by Rivers, blocking for Barton to shoot from outside, etc. Nikola is very absorbing and he knows it.

That +20 that was eagerly awaited arrived in the third quarter and the only thing the Blazers did correctly was to go out quickly on the counterattack to catch the Nuggets defense by surprise, but little else. They had no weapons with which to fight face to face. Campazzo’s second outing on the court allowed his heart rate to rise and both him and teammates also in position such as Rivers or Hyland to fatten up their personal account. The Argentine was on a losing streak, with only 4.4 points contributed in the 25.6 minutes on average of the last five games, and with this he takes it on without hesitation.


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