The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson’s final mission to stop Kim Jong Un

Stop North Korea. This is the new mission of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson during its stay at a naval base in the South Korean city of Busan (around 350 kilometers southeast of Seoul). This aircraft carrier houses a crew of 5,000 soldiers and is equipped with nuclear reactors and more than 60 aircraft. In the past, it has been deployed in the waters of the South China Sea to defend free transit in the region’s waters.

South Korea has assured that the deployment of the ship represents a new demonstration of the deterrence mechanism established by Washington and Seoul against the Kim Jong Un regime, which has just announced the imminent launch of its first reconnaissance satellite (between November 22 and December 1). has Yellow Sea and East China Sea), something that Seoul and Washington consider a Violation of the UN sanctions systemthat prohibits Pyongyang from testing ballistic missile technology.

If this launch is confirmed, This will be the hermit state’s authorities’ third attempt to put a spy satellite into orbit this year, after two failed attempts in May and August. And this happened despite South Korea’s warning to halt preparations for the launch.

The USS Carl Vinson, which last visited South Korea in 2017, It is the third US aircraft carrier to dock at a Korean base this year. after the arrival of USS Nimitz in March and USS Ronald Reagan in October. The Presidents of South Korea Yoon Suk Yeoland from the USA, Joe Biden, In April, they committed to further improving the “regular visibility” of their strategic assets on the Korean peninsula.

What does the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson look like?

The Carl Vinson – in service since 1983 – is the aircraft carrier from which terrorist leader Osama bin Laden was thrown into the sea after he was killed by a group of elite soldiers in 2011. It is one of the ten US Navy Nimitz-class aircraft carriers. It is 332.85 meters long and carries the first fighter squadron F-35C Lightning II stealth fighter. In addition, fourth-generation twin-engine F/A-18 Super Hornets multi-role fighters were used.

The Carl Vinson Strike Group consists of the cruiser USS Princeton and the destroyers USS Hopper, USS Kidd, USS Sterett and USS William P. Lawrence, which are stationed at the naval base Pearl Harbor.

US airline Carl Vinson arrives in South Korea
US airline Carl Vinson arrives in South KoreaYONHAPEFE

The large American ship arrives accompanied by its strike group and seeks to “increase the regular visibility of United States strategic assets, fulfill the promises of extended deterrence and enhance the joint defense posture,” the South Korean naval forces said in a statement.

The day before, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) chief of operations Kang Ho-pil assured that Seoul would take “necessary measures” if Pyongyang went ahead with the launch, apparently in reference to the partial suspension of a 2018 inter-Korean agreement, which aims to reduce military tensions in the border areas between both countries, which are technically still at war. It’s worth remembering North Korea is one of the few countries that has nuclear weapons.

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