The noble plant of Ferrari wants Carlos Sainz out: the decision has been made

The Italian team is already in search of the new successor of the Spanish

It is no secret to anyone that the future of Carlos Sainz seems to be further and further away from that of Ferrari. His poor results at the start of the season have caused the leaders to consider a change in the formation and, given the choice, the Madrid driver would be the one chosen to leave.

In this way, the bet has always been Charles Leclerc, while the doubts about Carlos Sainz’s performance does not stop growing and at Ferrari there are more and more critical voices with the Madrid driverwhich is accumulating improper errors of a Formula 1 driver.

carlos sainz ferrari
Carlos Sainz continues on the Ferrari exit ramp

The future of Carlos Sainz at the time of his departure from Ferrari

To all this are added the comments that place the Spanish driver, Carlos Sainz in Audi, which in 2026 will officially land in Formula 1. The Spaniard’s plan was to stay at Ferrari until then, although the Italian team believes that the change should be made much sooner.

In the last weeks, comments point to a premature departure of Carlos Sainz from Ferrari, heading to Alpine, who are desperately looking for new riders to enhance a very poor start to the season. Ocon and Gasli are not performing as expected, so they would be willing to offer Sainz a midfielder.

Hamilton is one of the most opted to reach Fred Vasseur’s team

The other option that is contemplated is that Carlos Sainz signs for Alfa Romeo, the team that in 2026 will give up its place to Audi itself. In the Swiss team they are not too happy with the performance that their two drivers, Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou, are offering.

If Carlos Sainz leaves Ferrari, it will be necessary to see who will be his replacement in the Italian team. And the one he likes the most is Lewis Hamilton, who seems to be living his last races with Mercedes. Hamilton has already stated that he is not comfortable with a car with no real chance of winning races.

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