The Nobel Foundation backs out and cancels invitation to Russian ambassador after protests in Ukraine

The Nobel Foundation announced on Saturday that it was reversing its decision invite the ambassadors of Russia and Belarus after a wave of outrage at this year’s award ceremony in Stockholm. The Nobel Foundation, which organizes the award ceremony and ceremony in Stockholm every year, decided in 2022 not to invite the ambassadors of Russia and Belarus to the celebration because of the war in Ukraine.

The delegate of Iran was not invited either for suppressing protests in the country.

But on Thursday, the foundation announced that it would resume its usual policy invite ambassadors from all countries This sparked a wave of outrage in Sweden, where several politicians reiterated that they would boycott the event. Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristerson,expressed disagreement with the decision to invite the Russian representative.

Additionally, it drew criticism from activists and from Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia in February 2022. “We have decided to repeat last year’s exception to standard practice, that is, not to invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus and Iran to Ukraine.” “Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony in Stockholm,” the foundation reported on Saturday.

The decision was celebrated a “victory of humanism” by the Speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko. “We thank all who have called for the restoration of justice,” said the spokesman, who called on the foundation to support his government’s efforts to isolate Russia and Belarus.

“We are convinced that a similar decision must be made with regard to the ambassadors of Russia and Belarus in Oslo,” added the Ukrainian spokesman in connection with the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

The Nobel Foundation awards the prizes in Medicine, Physics, Literature, Chemistry and Economics every December at a ceremony in Stockholm, where the prizes are presented by King Carl XVI of Sweden. Gustaf to be presented. On the same day, the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded in the Norwegian capital.

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