The news of Divya Khosla’s divorce is false! The real reason for dropping the husband’s last name has been revealed

Bollywood actress Divya Khosla is in the news a lot. Recently, she removed ‘Kumar’ from her full name ‘Divya Khosla Kumar’ from her Instagram. Now there is an uproar among the people as to why Divya removed her husband’s surname Kumar. Fans were worried whether Divya and Bhushan Kumar would break up. What finally happened that caused the situation to get to this point? People made their own speculations, but now the reason behind the actress’ action has come to light. The main reason why Divya Khosla removed ‘Kumar’ might surprise you.

There was an uproar on social media when the very beautiful and fit actress Divya Khosla dropped Kumar from her name. But if you are his fan and are worried, there is no need to worry. Divya and Bhushan Kumar’s relationship is absolutely fine. The reason why Divya removed ‘Kumar’ from her name is astrology. Let us inform you in detail about this.

Divya Khosla used to write her name as “Divya Khosla Kumar” but now her name is written as Divya Khosla on her Instagram. He also added an S to his surname Khosla. The actress’s spokesperson has told ABP News the reason why Divya Khosla added an “S” and deleted “Kumar” in the spelling of her last name. According to the spokesperson, Divya Khosla did this on the advice of an astrologer.

Divya Khosla married T-Series owner Bhushan Kumar in 2005. With whom she has a son Ruhaan. Divya keeps sharing pictures of her happy family on Instagram. Apart from her personal life, Divya has also balanced her professional life. It is said that Divya believes in astrology and has changed her name accordingly.

For information, Divya Khosla’s upcoming film is called Hero-Heroine and will be released in Telugu and Hindi languages. The film went on the floor. According to reports, Divya will announce another film soon. It was said that her name will also be Divya Khosla in this film. It is noteworthy that he has appeared in films like Yaariyan 2, Satyamev Jayate 2, Satyamev Jayate and Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathi. Additionally, Divya Khosla has also directed films like Sanam Re and Yaariyan. Divya started her career in the 90s with music albums and is still active in films.

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