The New York Times claims that a stray Ukrainian missile caused the Kostiantynivka market massacre

He Rocket attack that killed at least 16 people Earlier this month, a Ukrainian projectile was fired in Kostiantynivka, an industrial city in eastern Ukraine. The New York Times comes to this conclusion based on its own research published this Tuesday. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attributed this attack to “Russian terrorists.”

On September 6, a ballistic missile crashed into a busy market in the city of Donetsk, about thirty kilometers away Bakhmut. After analyzing satellite images, witness statements, social media messages and missile fragments, The New York Times concludes that it is a lost Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile fired from a Buk launch system. From the images, the newspaper was able to conclude that the missile was not fired from Russian lines, but came from Ukrainian territory.

In response to the New York Times article, Ukraine said that the country’s security service was still investigating the Kostiantynivka incident.

Surveillance camera video released by Ukraine showed a narrow street full of parked vehicles and kiosks engulfed in flames after a single explosion. “Russian terrorists attacked a market, shops and a pharmacy, killing innocent people,” President Zelensky wrote. “Anyone in the world who still deals with anything Russian is simply unaware of this reality. Cruel evil. Obvious evil. Complete inhumanity,” he stressed, pointing out that this Russian evil must be defeated as quickly as possible.

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