Last Monday, November 15, the presentation of the smartphone that promises to change the concept of high-end took place: the GT NEO 2. Juanjo González, Senior Channel Marketing of realme Spain, was in charge of presenting what’s new from the tech company.

realme: # 6 brand worldwide

The brand has managed to be number six in the world after a scandal growth in just three years of life. What’s more, in the two years they have been in Europe they have managed to reach fifth place in the ranking of best-selling brands in the continent.

But what does this imply? The answer is responsibility. From realme they know the importance of sustainability. Thus, have joined Eco Rating, a certification of the large European operators, among which we highlight Vodafone, Orange and Telecom. And they not only want to stay there, their social conscience also leads them to want to make mobile phones with the least possible environmental impact.

This does not limit your ambition. The company wants to continue growing and for this they have developed a dual strategy. On the one hand they want to sell 100 million units in 2022 and 100 million units in 2023. In addition, they want to become the number three smartphone brand in Spain by 2022. Their ideal companions for this strategy will be the GT series, the number range and the C series.

It is worth mentioning that the realme brand not only manufactures smartphones, but also delves into the world of tablets, computers and much more. In fact, those attending the event were able to enjoy and interact with part of the catalog in a showroom.

GT NEO 2: a smartphone that promises

The true protagonist of the day was the GT NEO 2, the new from realme. The new smartphone launch is going to revolutionize the world of telephony. How? Easy: focusing on what is important.

One of the points that they described as vitally important was its design. The aesthetics of a phone is important when deciding to buy it. The GT NEO 2 has a curvature, thickness and texture perfect for those who spend a lot of time with their smartphone in hand. In addition, the smartphone will be available in three colors. Neon green, his new hallmark, blue and black.

It’s not just aesthetics that matter. Its linear motor will make the phone’s response and effective. The time it takes between pressing and executing the order will be even shorter. In this way, the customer can feel that the phone understands him without complications.

It is also worth mentioning that its screen is not far behind in terms of level. With 6.72 inches of high-quality screen, it has become the best display that I have ever placed on a smartphone.

Although at first it was not conceived as a device designed for gaming, its characteristics make it perfect. It has a touch tracking rate of up to 600Hz and is capable of super fast response even in gaming mode.

Battery and performance, will the GT NEO 2 be up to the task?

The million dollar question. The real issue of interest to users is battery capacity. Is a mobile that offers these qualities capable of maintaining a battery during the day? Juanjo González assured that yes: “Despite all this, despite the fact that the screen is spectacular, despite all that quality, despite all that brightness, the most important thing is that it is very much our style. We have managed to reduce energy consumption by 15%. If we have to give a phrase or why we have to choose it, something that is tangible for this user, it is thirty minutes of additional use “. The device will have 5000 milliamps of battery and a 65 Hz charger that will provide a fast charge for 36 minutes.

Let’s talk about performance. For now, the GT NEO 2 is sold to us as a spectacular device and it seems that it will be able to perform as promised. With the addition of a fairly new processor, it will have more power and efficiency.

Vapor chamber cooling is also noteworthy, which is not new but improved. This cooling system has an eight-layer structure made of stainless steel that is helped by a thermal diamond gel. What has been achieved with this change? A greater capacity and reduce the average temperature of the device up to 18º and therefore make it 20% more efficient. It will be the first smartphone on the market to carry this component.

How much and how can we get hold of it?

In this event the official starting price of the product was communicated. The price will vary between € 499.99 and € 549.99 depending on the characteristics of the chosen device. But don’t write it off right away if this price is out of your budget. You’re in luck, in This Black Friday there will be an offer where you can get the GT NEO 2 for a minimum of € 369.99 and a maximum of € 499.99.

Don’t miss out on this and more offers on the realme page!


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