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the new tariff for business customers

the new tariff for business customers

OpenAI continues to use its artificial intelligence-based chatbot application and for this reason now offers us a subscription aimed at companies: ChatGPT Enterprise. In early 2023, he announced in a blog post that they were working on a version of ChatGPT that, in addition to writing texts, debugging computer codes or composing e-mails, would contain other functions intended to make work in companies easier.

As the company has announced, this new version features: “We launch ChatGPT Enterprise which offers: Enterprise-grade security and privacyunlimited access to faster GPT-4, longer context windows to process longer inputs, enhanced Data analysis, customization options and much more. We believe that AI can support and improve all aspects of our work life and make teams more creative and productive. Today is another step towards an AI job assistant that helps with every task, is tailored to your business and protects your business data.«. Among the novelties, privacy and security stand out, as in recent months many companies have banned their employees from using ChatGPT for fear of data and information leaks. This new version stores the information in the Subscriber and not in OpenAI.

Other notable solutions are faster response timesthe possibility of sending longer textsas well as the ability to view user usage and manage the different profiles.

However, OpenAI did not want to disclose the price of the subscription and has said that each company will receive a subscription individual offer based on your needs. Businesses interested in ChatGPT Enterprise should contact us. While we don’t disclose pricing, it depends on each company’s usage and use cases. shared the words of OpenAI media TechCrunch.

According to the company, since launching ChatGPT just nine months ago, they’ve seen Teams roll out it at more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies.We’ve heard from business leaders who want an easy and secure way to implement it in their organization. Early adopters of ChatGPT Enterprise — industry leaders like Block, Canva, Carlyle, The Estée Lauder Companies, PwC, and Zapier — are redefining the way they do business, leveraging ChatGPT to create clearer communications, speed up coding tasks, and get answers fast to find complex business issues, help with creative work and much more» the statement said.

Microsoft has already done something similar with its AI chatbot app that recently launched BingChatEnterprisea version that also focuses on businesses.

OpenAI is looking for new revenue streams

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT for free and was only able to benefit from it through the alliance with Microsoft. He later provided users with a version GPT-4, with advanced features but required a Plus subscription to access it, which costs $20. Other users can continue to use the free version, GPT 3.5.

The website The Information confirmed that the company, some of the company’s financial figures where it could be viewed, spent over $540 million developing ChatGPT last year. While revenue has increased according to the media, it is not enough to cover expenses and the new version would not be a solution either. CEO Sam Altman has privately suggested, the outlet reports, that OpenAI will seek to raise up to $100 billion over the next few years to meet its goal of developing artificial general intelligence.

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