The new Samsung remote charge your battery with the waves from your router

The remote control that comes with the television is the most useful accessory in the room, and it’s not very common for us to see new products in these devices.

In general, remote controls don’t consume a lot of energy and only require changing the batteries every few months. Plus, the remote still works when the batteries are running low.

However, there is a tendency to postpone changing batteries until they stop working. And there’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have the batteries at home for replacement.

Samsung could have fixed this problem with the new remote control «2022 Eco Remote», which was featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

On the one hand, this one has a solar panel on the back that charges the accessory battery if the remote is positioned correctly and there is sufficient light. This is nothing new and was implemented last year.

The novelty is that the link has been integrated “RF Collection”, which allows you to “harvest” the radio waves from the router and convert them into energy. This will charge your battery and, along with solar technology, you’ll have a remote that never runs out.

RF collection is not a technology that can be used for many devices as the power gain is minimal, but it is sufficient for a low power accessory such as a remote control.

If you still run out of power at all, this year’s Eco Remote can still be charged via USB-C.

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