The new Russian kamikaze drones will be able to attack in swarms

The Russian army is obviously making modifications to its Lancet kamikaze drone, which is widely used in the current conflict with Ukraine. According to Russian and Ukrainian media, the device will soon be equipped with artificial intelligence, relay our colleagues from Capital. The latter will allow him to better spot and attack kyiv’s vehicles and positions.

According to the Ukrainian media The Kyiv Post, this modified version of the Lancet should be called Izdelié-53 (“Product-53”, in French). Thanks to their artificial intelligence, these machines should be deployed in swarms on the battlefields. Once a target has been spotted by one of the drones, it would then be able to warn all the others in order to carry out a synchronized attack.

Flights over 110 km/h

“This variant of the prowling ammunition will communicate with operators using means that will be autonomous and with which it will be impossible to interfere,” said Alexandre Zakharov, chief designer of Zala Aero, manufacturer of the Lancet.

Just like its predecessor, the Izdelié-53 should carry with it a 5 kg hollow-head warhead, allowing it to pierce even heavily armored targets. This new kamikaze drone, whose design has been completely redesigned, would be able to fly at more than 110 km/h over a distance ranging from 40 to 70 km.

More than 45,000 drones per month

This arsenal should primarily target tanks, but also advanced equipment, such as Western air defense systems or artillery fire control radars.

Faced with the success of the Lancet, Moscow asked the Zala group to triple its production in order to supply more than 45,000 units per month to the Russian army. For this, the manufacturer has benefited from significant state aid. He used this sum to transform a shopping center into a production plant for his various drones, such as the Lancet or the Geran-2, a machine used to damage Ukrainian infrastructure.

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